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What is a Youth Hostel ?

Even if you’ve never slept in a Youth Hostel, without knowing it, you know what one is!

No more old-fashioned clichés.

There’s nothing quite like a youth hostel – they each have their own charm, they’ve all got something. You need to know, first and foremost, that the hostel is an economic and collective accommodation structure. The Youth Hostels of the LFAJ network are all Associatives and non profit-making.

Youth Hostels allow you to organise your trip, your holiday, without breaking the bank. Meeting, sharing experiences, trying to make plans with hostel staff, these are major elements that allow AJISTES* to have some great moments
It’s not perfect but there are more advantages than disadvantage.

We’ve attempted to list the essentials of practical questions

How to prebook or book with a Youth Hostel ?

We advise you to reserve your accommodation at the Youth Hostel in advance.

There are several ways to book your overnight stays :

– Make contact directly with the Youth Hostel of your choice via the Hostel website (as shown in the link on the Hostel chosen page) by email, telephone

– Use the electronic booking form for the Youth Hostel of your choice (in France or outside Europe)

1 – choose the establishment that you like;
2 – fill in the prebooking form that you will find with the Youth Hostel sheets. You will be contacted as soon as the Youth Hostel chosen has checked that your request is compatible with its availability.

In order to confirm your reservation definitively some Youth Hostels will ask you to pay a deposit, calculated on the basis of the sum owed, with the remaining sum to be paid when you are staying at the Youth Hostel. (All bookings or prebookings are free of commission).

Each Youth Hostel has some conditions that are specific to it.


Any complaint arising from a stay in one of the LFAJ network youth hostels must be formalised in writing and sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, within 20 days followingyour stay, to the following address :


67, rue Vergniaud – Bât. K
75013 PARIS

Accommodation conditions - Room
Would I be required to sleep in a large dormitory ?

The very principle of a Youth Hostel consists of a collective accommodation establishment, with shared or individual rooms. Each Hostel has its specific accommodation characteristics, ranging from the individual room to those with 2-4-6 beds or more per room. Find out about all of these when you are making your reservation.

Accommodation conditions - Room
Do I need to bring my own bed linen ?

Generally, the bed linen is provided, although some establishments may require you to provide it or to hire it. It is preferable to check, on reservation or before your departure with the Youth Hostel concerned.

Accommodation conditions - Meals and kitchen
Can you prepare your own meals in the Youth Hostels ?

Most Youth Hostels are equipped with a kitchen for travellers, but it is possible that not all utensils will be provided: check with the Youth Hostel. The majority of Hostels in the LFAJ network offer you a catering service.

Accommodation conditions - Sanitary facilities
Do I need to bring my own towel and facecloth ?

Bath towels are not provided, so please don’t forget to bring them, as well as any bathroom items that you may need. Some Hostels can hire them to you or sell them to you.

Are there any activities or trips organised by or from the Youth Hostel ?

Most of the Youth Hostels offer a vast range of activities or trips, from guided tours of a town to white water rafting! You’ll find all the information that you need on the website for each Hostel. Please don’t hesitate to consult the people in charge of reception in the Youth Hostels, they are very often the best source of information about the region and its main tourist attractions!

Hostel living
Is it possible for me to bring my companion animal with me for my stay in a Youth Hostel ?

Companion animals are allowed in certain Youth Hostels: don’t forget to ask the Hostel at the time of making the booking.

Hostel living
do I need to contribute to everyday tasks?

In most Hostels, the most that will be asked of you is to make your bed with the bed linen provided or hired when you arrive, to fold it up on the day of your departure and to clean the shared kitchen after serving.

Hostel living - Tobacco
can I smoke in Youth Hostels ?

According to the law in force it is prohibited to smoke in public places, but it is possible in areas provided specifically for smoking.

Hostel living - Security of items
Are there places where I can leave my things completely securely ?

The majority of the Youth Hostels have individual safes for your items. You must bring your own padlock. Many Youth Hostels have a secure luggage room.

Youth Hostel
How can I find out about Youth Hostels of the world ?

There are about 4000, linked by the international association of Youth Hostels, “HI-Hostelling International”. The LFAJ USER map gives you access to the preferential Ajistes* prices over the whole of the worldwide network of Youth Hostels.

Youth Hostel
Which people can stay in Youth Hostels ?

The LFAJ network welcomes people of all ages, all cultures, from all origins and with all outlooks; those who are travelling for the first time, those for whom travelling has no secrets left, solitary travellers, groups, etc. All will receive a warm welcome at our Youth Hostels !

Youth Hostel
I would like to open a Youth Hostel or to affiliate to the LFAJ, what should I do ?

Please send your application to LFAJ byemail,, or by post to:
LFAJ, 67 rue Vergniaud,
75013 PARIS,

providing a maximum amount of information. You can also contact us by telephone on 01 44 16 78 78.

how much does an overnight stay in a Youth Hostel cost ?

The prices vary naturally from one country to another, but always represent good value for money. Overnight stay prices are shown on this site: simply select the Youth Hostel where you want to stay. In order to find out the prices for groups, contact the Youth Hostel directly (coordonnées complètes sur la page de l’Auberge de Jeunesse du site).

Youth Hostel
Which facilities and service provisions are provided for visitors with disabilities ?

In many Youth Hostels access for people with reduced mobility is being made easier and is becoming more and more common. We nevertheless advise you to find out the relevant information from the Youth Hostel before booking. Some Hostels are historic buildings that are difficult to adapt.

Youth Hostel
Is there an age limit for staying at a Youth Hostel ?

Youth Hostels are open to everyone. Some establishments will not admit children below a certain age. It is preferable to check with the Hostel.

Youth Hostel
Areminors admitted on their ownat the Youth Hostels ?

Unaccompanied minors aged 16 to 18 are accepted on presentation of a parental authorisation duly completed and accompanied by a copy of the national identity card of the legal guardian.

Minors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult person who has responsibility for them.

Opening hours
Are Youth Hostels open all day ? All year ?

Generally, Youth Hostels in large towns are open 24h/24. Some establishments can close for a few hours in the day. In general, it is possible to carry out the registration and departure procedures between 07:00 and 10:00 and between 17:00 and 22:30.
Most of the Youth Hostels are open all year. However, some are closed at certain points in the year for seasonal reasons.

*AJISTES: users of Youth Hostels

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